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You have finally landed on the right page. This is the place in the website that gets the least attention. Normally I am working on Moms page or Margie's page or Uncle Bill or Uncle Nard , (and I love it all). I do work every day that I can. Really! I currently work in the automotive repair business, you know, flats, oil changes, inspections... at ([whovey's what'son]) It is steady work around the area where my Dad grew up and went to school. That's kind of neat because from time to time I get questions about my place in the Payne family.

Here are 2 recent pictures . . Here is a picture from the past Click Me. This is a picture of my . Buddy was named after a cousin, Charlie Mac, CM for short, and we call him Buddy. He loves to play ball. I can fish too. That is one morning on the Natchez River, (or after). I love to cook as well. Chargriller That's my cooker. I'm in full swing. That's bacon cooking. Don't forget the potatoes. That was breakfast, This was supper. Ribs, Shrimp and beans. Closer look. I like to play the Guitar. Golf coming soon

I have 2 beautiful daughters Alason and Anna with Allianna, Ashley's baby. They were a little younger in these pictures Click me, Click me, Alason (1yr) My mom is beautiful too Click me Here is a picture of her in the Marching Band. This is Mon and Dads wedding picture. This is a picture of Daddy and my stepmother Hazel, Click me. This is a picture of Mom and my step dad Joe, Click me. Here me and Joe are as tourist in Carlsbad Caverns Click me. Here is a picture of the Mahoney Methodist Church. This is were I learned faith and religion.

Here is a picture of all the boys . Steve then Wayne sitting. Alan, Joey, Randy, Jr. and Marc. The old folks had to sit down.

Fishing Artist: Terry
I love fishing. I was sitting talking with a friend (Terry), we talked about everything and anything. I told him my life's story basically and he drew that picture for me while we talked.

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